Wednesday, 25 January 2017


Last week I attended the Go Glam Gala hosted by the beautiful Scarlett London. If you have been on twitter at all the last month or so you would probably have seen the hashtag #goglamgala and lots of bloggers discussing what outfits they would be rocking up in, the right attire is serious business. I ended up going for the seriously underdressed look, I am still holding onto some baby weight and honestly every 'glam' dress I owned made me feel like a potato. I was a bit worried about what I ended up wearing however lucky for me there was a huge mixture of outfits so I didn't stand out too much!

Before the event started myself and my friend Chloe went for a spot of dinner at Coppa Club opposite St. Pauls cathedral. I had an absolutely delicious steak (have not stopped thinking about it since) the vibe was totally chilled, not rushed at all, I would recommend checking it out if you are looking for somewhere to grab a bite in the city.

If you haven't heard of Go Send before they are basically your go to company to get your essentials shipped from the states (instantly thinking about Zoella's Bath & Body Works hauls at Christmas) You are able to get all of your desired goodies safely shipped to your unique Go Send address and then packaged up and popped in the post to you for 80% cheaper than the usual international delivery! Read more HERE

One of the best things about blogging events is getting to meet the people that you spend so much time talking to on line in person. Making new friends is one of the biggest perks of blogging, so many inspiring and kind women that are ready to build each other up and celebrate each others achievements which is basically how everyone should be all of the time not just in the blogging world! I was so excited to meet Victoria from along with Em Sheldon and Zoe London, such beauties. We had a long chat about blogging and put the world to rights over horrible key board warriors, I also did the typical mum thing for the first time and showed of a picture or two of Lylie. It was so lovely of the girls to take the time to chat to us all, and it just shows that bloggers (usually) are just genuinely lovely people no matter the size of their following!

Around the room there was various stalls with some blogger goodies, Chloe had never been to a blogging event before and was all over the freebies, I basically had to hold her back from looting the place! She is hilarious. Funkin Cocktails however held our hearts for the night, firstly free cocktails in American red cups... whats not to like? But when they are so delicious it hard to make sensible decisions on your alcohol consumption. There was a clear favourite a Passionfruit Martini that tasted like a solero, so good. Funkin Cocktails sell premade cocktail mixers that taste professionally made, I will definitely be placing an order before my next house party!

After six one or two cocktails, we hit the dance floor. There isn't much that will stop me from having a boogie once i'm out for the night. It was such a fun event, completely different to any thing I have been to before. I am looking forward to the next event Scarlett is part of as I will definitely be on the look out for my invite.


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