Monday, 16 January 2017

New Born Essentials

After reading the lovely Kirsty's post New Born Essentials: NOT Worth The Hype I was inspired to write my new born essentials list. Every baby is so different and what ever idea you have in your head about what they are or aren't going to do is likely to change. The number one thing to get your head around it that the baby is definitely the boss! Here are a list of things that I have needed for Lylie in the first 10 weeks of her life, if you are pregnant or looking for a baby shower idea this might come in handy!

1. Tiny Vests - Before Lylie was born I never actually had any vests. I had an abundance of baby grows and sleep suits but didn't realise you need vests too. My husband actually had to run out to Asda and pick up some tiny little new born ones once we had got her home. It's hard to know what size to get, Lylie was little and is just about fitting in her newborn clothes now so I would suggest just having a couple of tiny bits at hand.

2. Thermometer - I have used this so many times in the first ten weeks. I can not tell you what a relief it is when the light flashes green and you know she hasn't got a tempurature. The first night Lylie had colic I was about ready to run her up to A&E, having the thermometer to hand helped to keep me calm.

3. Nasal Aspirator - At nine weeks my daughter caught her first cold, it was bound to happen being born in November but expecting it doesn't make it any easier. She hasn't been able to have her jabs as she has been too unwell and watching a tiny baby have a coughing fit is heart breaking. As they are unable to clear their little noses an aspirator lets you suck up the mucus leaving their airways clear and making it more comfotable for them to feed. Tiny babies are unable to breath through their mouths so it is important to look after their little noses if they do come down with something.

4. Sleep Bags - This is a fairly new one for me as Lylie has been too small until now to wear a sleep bag, however now she is over 9lb I thought I would stick her in one and see what the deal is all about. She goes in her bag before her last feed and gets all lovely and warm, when I pop her in her moses basket she hardly notices. Lots of babies I know don't get on with these and they aren't the cheapest things on the market (we was lucky enough to get some hand me downs) maybe purchased one and see how bub goes!

5. Ewan - Ewan is literally my bae (yes I'm 29 and referring to a sheep as bae) He is a little buddy for your baby and each foot of his creates a magical white noise miracle. If your baby suffers with colic he will be a good send in that horrible witching hour, which actually lasts all bloody night!

6. Baby Nail Files - Lylie actually came out with sharp little nails. Ok for the first couple of weeks you will probably have your baby in sleep suits, most of which have scratch mitts attached, because lets face it it's just easier! However you will want to have a little nail file to hand because you feel like the worst mum in the world when they scratch their little faces.

7. Perfect Prep Machine - Really I should have saved this until last because it is the saviour of all parent kind. You have no idea what stress is until you have a ravenous baby and you have got to wait for boiled water to cool. This wondrous device creates the perfect bottle in two minutes, so you can stick it straight in that little gob - hallelujah peace at last!

9. Muslin Cloths - And lots of them... even if your baby isn't a sickie one! Lylie isn't sick very often at all, but these baby sure do like to dribble. Muslin cloths are something you can never have to many of make sure you are throughly stocked up. 

11. Infacol/Gripe Water - Oh Collic, nothing can quite prepare you for it! For us it kicked off from about week 5 to week 8. This isn't a normal belly ache, this is solid crying from 8pm to 1am which will leave you wondering if your next stop is A&E. If your baby doesn't go through the colic stage I am extremely jealous of you. Having a bottle of infacol or Gripe Water handy will be your saving grace during those long hard nights. But don't worry they will come out the other side, even if right now you feel like this is it for you!! 

12. Rocking Chair - This brings us on to one of the best inventions of man kind, the rocking chair! Although the constant bobbing will do wonders for loosing your baby weight it will also push your back to the brink. My rocking chair is where you will find me now 90% of the time. It helps me get Lylie to sleep, it supports my arm for feeding and quite honestly it's so comfy I find myself sitting in it when I've not even got her! Top tip would be to purchase one with washable covers, even if you don't have a sickie baby, milk bottle leak and babies dribble they get messy really quickly! 

Let me know what made your essentials list, I would love to pick up some new tips! 



  1. What a lovely post! Always intriguing to find out all the ins & outs & products of motherhood/newborns! Lylie looks beautiful as always! xx

    1. Thanks Lovely, I am glad it is interesting for you :) XX


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