Monday, 30 January 2017

Naming Your Child

Choosing a name for your child is probably one of the hardest decisions you will ever make. It is true what they say you don't realise just how many people you hate until you have to name a baby. There are so many considerations to make... embarrassing initials, how the name could be shortened and the one that I am currently dealing with a lifetime of corrections...

Day by day it is becoming clear that my daughter Lylie (pronounced Lie-Lee) will forever be called Lilly. The amount of times this kid is going to have to correct people on the spelling of her name will probably be in the thousands, the poor little thing will say 'Lylie, like Kylie but with an L' more times than I care to imagine. If I am being completely honest as I announced her birth and the first couple of people got it wrong I did think to myself have I made a mistake here? She is going to hate me for bestowing upon her a 'tricky' name! However being a Gemma born in '87 I was always one of two or three in my class and I didn't want to choose a name for my child that was on the top 100 list, in fact Lylie is so rare that suggests that only 51 people have been given the name Lylie in the last 100 years. The name Lylie origins from Eliza, which is where we took the name, my great grandmother was called Eliza Lousia and Nanny Lylie to her grandchildren. The more I say it the more I love it and I hope that when she gets older she will love it too.

I am not sure how valuable my naming advice is but here are a couple of points to consider when making that million dollar decision:

1. Overly Trendy - Luckily for expectant parents it is now pretty easy to get your hands on the top 100 names lists. There is absolutely nothing wrong with choosing a name that is number one on that list if it is the name that you love but just be prepared that your child may be Isla A Isla B or Isla C at nursery. If you don't want to choose a name that is common in the class room it may be a good idea to cast your eyes over the most recent lists.

2. Beware of Nicknames - A friend of a friend named her son Nicholas and if someone was to refer to him as Nick she would get really angry. No one will mean to upset you of course but it does tend to be human nature to use nicknames. If you can't shorten a name people will even lengthen it. At school I would be called Jemima puddle duck and it used to drive me insane. If you love Alexandra but hate the name Alex be prepared that people may be too lazy to say the whole thing.

3. Celebrity Inspo - DO NOT name your child after a celebrity. Nine times out of ten the celebrity will end up doing something vile ... like meth and poor little Charlie will have to pretend he isn't named as such because his mum once fancied Charlie Sheen. (OK bad example but I am old and I can't think of any younger celebs behaving badly)

5. Your Surname is Important - I am sorry but if you have always wanted to call your baby Emma and the man you marry carries with him the surname Bemmer you CAN NOT call your child Emma Bemmer. (I did make that one up) However I have recently heard of a real life baby being named Gracie Hastie - Just don't! Unfortunately as my surname is Irish I had to say every name on our possibles list with a terrible Irish accent for quality control, it's not want to you want to be doing but it's very important!

6. The Name is for YOU - I personally think it is a very good idea not to tell any one your baby name ideas until the baby it born. Once the baby is here everyone will pretend they like the name anyway and you will be none the wiser. (What we don't know doesn't hurt us) But before hand everyone will have an opinion. You don't want to be put off of a name you love and end up with one you are ok with because you mum told you to. Every time you hear a baby being called 'Fleur' in the playground you will be saying I was going to call my baby Fleur but mum didn't like it so she is called Jane.... what an interesting story .... NOT!

What did you call your baby and what was your reasoning behind the name, I would love to know :)

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  1. What great tips! I love the name Lylie, so unique and an adorable little name :) x


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