Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Beef Eater Review

Over the last couple of years I have been fortune enough to be invited to review various restaurants, this is certainly one of the perks to running a blog it would be a lie for me to say it wasn't. I am a huge fan of sampling new food I always like to try as many dishes as possible, my open mind when it comes to food choices is a quality I hope to install in my daughter as she gets old enough to make her own decisions therefore I am always on the look out for child friendly establishments. With strong family values at the forefront of the business the newly refurbished Beefeater in Romford was an obvious choice for a visit.

Sat on the outskirts of the town centre the Beefeater Liberty Bell has recently under gone a massive make over, the decor is modern and welcoming with a nod to it's signature dish.. the steak of course!

I took my mum on a Sunday afternoon for an early mothers day treat, it had been quite a while since I'd enjoyed a meal out so I was thoroughly prepared for a full three courses. Starters are always my favourite part of any meal, this is sort of annoying because generally I know that after my first course it isn't going to get any better and this again was true of my beefeater experience. The starter was by far my favourite course of the day. I opted for the garlic prawn pan, king prawns grilled in a garlic and parsley sauce which was served with a warm ciabatta. It was cooked to perfection and reminded me a lot of sitting in the Marbella sun eating prawn pil-pil which is my favourite. My mum opted for a classic duck pate, you can't really go wrong with a pate it is a staple starter for pretty much all English restaurants and this one didn't disappoint.

Quite frankly I feel it would be rather rude to visit a steak restaurant and not order a steak. It's always a test when you get asked how you would like a piece of meat cooked and happily I was served my fillet medium rare as requested. I decided to push the boat out and order the prawn and lobster sauce however I think I was actually given the béarnaise by mistake but it wasn't until the drive home when we was discussing our meal that I remembered that wasn't actually what I ordered, but what ever it was it was lovely.

My mum wanted to try the beef wellington however it wasn't available, unfortunately quite a few pieces were missing from the menu, including Sunday staples such as apple pie, which was fairly surprising for one o'clock on a Sunday afternoon. I was advised that it was a particularly busy day previously and this isn't usually the case so a case of bad timing for our visit. Mum opted for the oven-baked seabass instead which she said was a delicious alternative, gently steamed in a paper bag and served on a layer of potatoes.

Honestly by the time deserts were mentioned both of us felt like we had bitten off more than we could chew by promising ourselves a three course meal, but we are not quitters so I ordered the warm chocolate brownie. I realise this isn't such an imaginative choice but it is one of my favourite deserts and in my opinion it is good to try the same things from different restaurants to compare. Mum (with a little prompting from myself) decided to try the gin and tonic lemon trifle. This was selected from the great taste of Britain part of their menu, it was a welcome twist on a traditional dessert and I must admit to finishing it off... well who needs to be bikini ready anyway!!

The trifle was served with a sprig of mint on top which was funny because earlier during the meal I was told I couldn't have a Mockito because they had run out of mint. I am always on the hunt for good alcohol free options seeing as generally I am with Lylie and drinking while responsible for her is out of the question, so the waitress dipped into the kitchen's supply of mint to have me one made. I actually really enjoyed it but I have to be honest I was hoping it would look a bit more instagramable, but thats the blogger in me!

Have you visited the new look restaurant? What did you think? I am desperate for another garlic prawn pan ASAP

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