Monday, 22 May 2017

Island Stories Blogger Event

Oh I do love a blogging event, it's a great excuse for me to get out of the house and talk to grown ups and when the event involves food I am pretty much in my element.

Last Thursday the beautiful girls from VerriBerri invited me along to taste the culinary stylings  of Island Stories. Island Stories is a private catering company co-founded by Ikram Naim and Devon Ricketts. These very talented men have come together and using their cultural influences have created  a unique dining experience. You are able to hire Island Stories for any event, small dining 6-8 or even your wedding! If there are any brides to be out there looking to wow on the food front definitely give these guys a call! They even created an edible unicorn for a recent L'Oreal event .... an edible UNICORN!!!

The event was quite informal which created such a relaxed atmosphere, I don't know about the other bloggers but it felt just like a night out with friends only difference being every now and again we was being handed plates of heaven. The menu was a real mixture but there was a clear winner for me, Stewed Aubergine, sweet chilli, spring onion served with coriander and jasmine rice was perfection. I haven't stopped thinking about it ever since, and nothing will quite cure my craving.

I am just in love with my camera top from Zara. Zara is killing it right now, everything I order lately I keep. I wish there was one more local to me although my bank balance (and my husband) is pleased there isn't. The only slightly annoying thing is that this top creases terribly, which is a shame because if this wasn't the case I would likely be living in it! 

This is my friend Chloe, who you may remember from when we reviewed Bourgee last year. Chloe is great to take along to food tasting events because she is scared of pretty much every food apart from Chicken nuggets! I pretend I take her to help her broaden her horizons but really I take her because it is bloody hilarious! Actually she did really well and tried almost everything put in front of her so you do have to take your hat off to little Chloe.

By the time the sweet courses came round I was honestly stuffed, not much would have got me reaching for my spoon (apart from maybe more of that aubergine) I didn't try the Panna Cotta but I did get my hands on the Chocolate Delice with passionfruit jelly and it was honestly a chocolate explosion, I don't think I have ever tasted a more chocolatey desert. I only managed half but if you have a sweet tooth this would have been right up your street. 

Do you have an event coming up that Island Stories could make delicious? Check them out here if you are on the look out for something unique to wow your guests. 

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  1. I do love a good blogger's event that is casual and relaxed - it's much more fun than a formal speech type event! This looks like great fun, but more importantly the food looks absolutely amazing! My mouth is seriously watering at those desserts!

    Jodie @ Jodetopia x


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