Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Matchstick Monkey aka teething lifesaver

After reading about the Matchstick monkey over on the beautiful Eilidh's blog (original post HERE) I just had to pick one up for Lylie. I'd ordered one in the brightest of pink before I had even finished reading the post, and although there hasn't been much left unsaid about this incredible teething toy I have been recommending them to the masses so felt a blog post was required.

Lylie has been teething since she was born, it seems like she came out chewing her fingers off yet still NO teeth. She has had all the symptoms red cheeks, ridiculous amount of drool, grumpy ... oh actually thats just her haha. Everyone has said to me "ooh she will get one soon" "won't be long" Well it feels like a bloody century and quite frankly I am over this teething crap. Like every baby she of course has a Sophia however she can't get the bloody giraffe's big head in her little mouth and teething rings don't seem to hit the right spot. The matchstick monkey has so many chewable areas which are the perfect fit for babies mouths. The bumps on the back of it's head is the perfect surface to massage sore gums, you can even pop some teething gel on it so the baby is able to get it in those hard to reach areas - hallelujah!

The Matchstick Monkey is non toxic and environmentally friendly. As a benefit the matchstick monkey is dishwasher safe which when you feel like you are constantly washing up bottles is a huge plus, it is also freezer friendly so if your baby finds the cold soothing during this teething process you will be thankful for this feature. 

The Matchstick Monkey retails for £9.99 which seeing as Lylie hasn't put it down since I gave it to her I think it is a bargain. You can pick one up HERE 

Do you have any teething products to recommend? Have you tried a Matchstick Monkey? 


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