Thursday, 3 September 2015

The Salthouse Harbour Hotel - Review

This bank holiday we packed up the car and headed out of Essex to spend a night on the Ipswich harbour. A friend had reccomended The Salthouse Harbour Hotel as a dog friendly boutique hotel. After parking the car we had time before check in to explore the surrounding area while indulging in a LARGE hazelnut latte we stumbled across Holywells Park. These picturesque grounds are well worth the visit we are already planning to drive back the next time the sun is shining to carry on exploring. After a long walk we was a bit peckish so headed back to the harbour and grabbed a seat in Isaacs for the biggest bacon and brie panini you have ever seen, whilst we started so slip into the early stages of a food coma the first couple of chords of the Bucket by Kings of Leon started to play and to our delight a tribute band carried on for the next hour, incredible luck. 

We was pleasantly surprised when checking into our room, thankfully I am a fan of orange and our room was very very very orange. This stand alone bath has started off a new obsession I need one of these in my house.... but first I need a house big enough, one day! 

After all three of us had a little nap, it was time to get glammed up ready for dinner. Unfortunately this was when we discovered that the hotel is not so much dog friendly as dog tolerant. When booking our table for dinner I had advised the reception manager that of course our dog would be with us and was advised everything would be fine however in reality this was a different story. We ended up with two options eat our dinner in our room on the bed, as our room had no table - not ideal. Or eat our dinner in the hotel lobby on our laps as there was no dinner appropriate table their either - again not ideal, but we opted for the second option anyway. 

After the most uncomfortable meal of my life the only thing to make me feel better about this experience was an amoretto sour, actually really yummy. We was joined by another couple of couples also from Essex visiting for the night who had both been left feeling underwhelmed by the hotel, however after a couple more drinks and some putting the world to rights we found ourselves howling with laughter having a wonderful time. 

All that was left to do was to climb into that massive bath!! 

If you have stayed in a dog friendly hotel, which actually likes dogs please comment below :) 



  1. The room and the food look amazing! <3

    1. Yes the room was lovely, and that wasn't even one of the best rooms - the penthouse has a copper bath right by the window would be incredible for NYE but it is sooo pricey!! Thanks for reading and taking the time to comment xx


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