Saturday, 19 September 2015

Not a Hotel Chantelle

After an afternoon wandering around London our feet were on fire and it was about time to fill our bellies, so good job we were on our way to Hotel Chantelle. We decided to visit on Victoria from in the frow's recommendation, her taste in fashion is so on the money you just know her restaurant choices will be something special.

We couldn't wait to dig in but first Cocktails. Mykonos Joe a delicious rum cocktail made up of dark and light rum, pineapple jam, lime and habanero syrup.

I sort of talked Alex into ordering the Libertine cocktail as it shared a name with my favourite band but contained cucumber which I hate.

We decided to share all of the food so we could try more, plus sharing is caring don't you know...
First we was brought a 'complimentary' bread board.

If you like out of the ordinary you must try the chicken waffle bites.

Was is worth £15 absolutely not, but I think its an intriguing dish which must be tried once.

For main we opted for the Drunken Chicken and chips, far too big for one person this was the perfect size to share.

We were planning on desert however we were only allowed the table for an allocated amount of time and the service was so slow we ran out of time. Over all it was a pleasant experience, would I rush to dine there again? Nope. Would I take a seat on the terrace and sip on Mykono Joe's? Absolutely.

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