Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Mudder Maker

After 4 months of 'training', worrying and sleepless nights I have finally completed Tough Mudder. I ran, swam and as the title eludes to, was head to toe in mud.

Saying that, however, the day was 11 and a half miles of uncontrollable laughter and absolute team work from start to finish. There's no way I could have completed it without my muddy team pushing me over walls, pulling me out from tunnels and encouraging me when the obstacles were far from easy.

Luckily for us the day was sunny, warm and dry. Doing it in the rain would have pushed me over the edge and I would have been a sodden whiny mess for the entire 4 hours. When we arrived they were playing loud music which got everyone in the mood - although it was slightly worrying when we all complained we were already shattered after the team warm up. It didn't bode well.

There were a couple of obstacles I didn't complete. Arctic Enema being the first. Sliding down into ice cold water before ducking under tyres half submerged. Erm no thank you, I had already vetod this before I arrived. Everest only lured one of my team members while the rest of us watched on in admiration! You had to run up a curved wall which was over 15ft high before pulling yourself over the rounded ledge at the top. After wading through mud up to my neck and crawling through the 'tear gas' tunnel aptly named Cry Baby I saw this as near impossible. 

I completed the rest of the obstacles and I'm impressed with how much I managed to do. Being a wimp, I thought I'd dodge a lot more than I did. People really do help you throughout the course, if you couldn't get out of the mud someone was there with a helping hand to drag you out. This spurred me on throughout.

Looking back on the weekend now (whilst I'm warm, dry and not totally worn out) it was a day to be proud of and I would even, maybe, consider doing it again! It's impressive what you can do when you have encouragement, camaraderie and the thought of a cold cider and coveted orange headband at the finishing line.

*Photographs coming soon*

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